Saltzman Gun Works Inc. was founded in 1987 by Ray Saltzman, under the original name of Masters Unlimited. The company got its start in the NRA Action Pistol and USPSA arena’s, building custom 1911’s and custom Revolvers. At the time Ray was shooting in both sports and was looking to get an edge on the competition. Shortly after winning the Indiana State Championship in NRA Action Pistol, the company’s popularity started growing. Before long several of the top shooter’s in the state were using guns by Saltzman. Along with being a State Champion, Ray is a NRA Life-Endowment Member, NRA Action Pistol High Master classification , USPSA Life Member, USPSA B-Class classification and a Life Member of the Indiana State Pistol and Rifle Association. 


In the early 1990’s, Ray gained an interest in precision rifles. As he began to study the rifles, he began learning ways to accurize them. During this process he met a couple of guys from an elite military unit. They offered Ray as much information and advice as they could regarding building extremely accurate rifles. After just a short time Ray’s rifles began to gain in popularity just as his handguns had. Ray’s shooting background along with his knowledge of being a master machinist has meshed together to produce some of the highest quality firearms on the market.


In 2006 after a brief closure, Saltzman Gun Works Inc. was born. Ray created the company with his son, Randy Saltzman. In 2007 Randy was hired as a sworn full-time law enforcement officer by a local department. With no surprise during this time Randy gained several certifications in the firearms field. He became a Certified Armorer in Glocks and the AR platforms. Randy also became a Firearms Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, Certified Sniper and serves as a Guest Instructor for a state ran Observer/Sniper School.


Since the beginning the company has been all about quality. With the training and experience between both Ray and Randy, it is hard not to see the level professionalism in this company. Our company has a goal of providing the most precise and accurate products available. And with customers who include top-tier military personnel, law enforcement officers, champion competitive shooters, and noncompetitive shooters alike, we have done just that.

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